National Ass Day

Who knows where this came from - but it's a trend on Twitter right now! So far be it from Ruby not to 'get behind' National Ass Day. Heh heh. Here's a lovely one for you! Well...kinda for me, too...  Ya think?


National Ass Day

Sometimes when I post a photo like this and think about most of my readers being male (at least I think they are - I need to do a poll) I wonder how it will be received. But after hearing from the bisexual contingent lately - I think I'll just keep posting the male eye candy right along with the female. A beautiful body is a beautiful body!



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  1. You know why I hate this picture? Because no amount of Photoshop “magic” could make a picture of my ass look as good as his. Hahaha.

    Excellent choice Ruby.

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