Podcast #19

Pegging Paradise Podcast #19


♥ Let's talk politics - and I make a promise.

♥ Dating and trying to decide when to reveal your kink to potential love interests? I share my thoughts about that.

♥ Choice quotes from readers and listeners

Vanilla to Pegger - One Man's Story

♥ Caption Contest Winners!!


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      1. You’re welcome. Government politics has its place elsewhere. But interesting debate can raised from people’s perception of pegging and what we individually get from pegging.

  1. Thanks for reading the words of Dan Savage in the first part of the podcast (I hadn’t yet reached the Feb. 20 entry in my travels through your archives). Powerful stuff.

    I was wondering whether the word you had trouble thinking of in that first part was “hypocritical”, and it was confirmed in the comments of that Feb. 20 entry.

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