I Cannot Fathom…



Fisting is not something I have explored. I may at some point. But the eloquence and heartfelt nature of the words here is profound. I had to share.


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  1. I love it when kinky sex and poetry meet! The content is spot-on and a picture of a seemingly perfect butt never hurts.

    As for the subject of fisting, I feel like it might enable two lovers to connect even more profoundly than they may already have had through pegging since it is such a delicate act.

      1. Yes, it’s the “other” kind of orgasm. Or orgasms of the third kind… I always had had a conviction that orgasm was to be had via anal stimulation but I was 59 when I first experienced one and it took me completely by surprise. I was overjoyed that I had discovered this ability to experience something so overwhelming wonderful. I recommend it.

        1. Yes – there is an entire forum group of men talking about anal orgasms of various types over at Aneros. I was honored to be invited to their pegging thread where the more adventuresome and open-minded men usually end up. Awesome group of guys and it’s all about the quest for what they call the Super O. No matter when men discover the pleasure their ass is capable of providing them, they are almost always happy about it.

          1. I have in the past looked through the Aneros site and the forum there. Personally it doesn’t appeal to me because of the emphasis on “achieving” and the “hobby” atmosphere of the discussions.
            You have the impression these guys could be tinkering with car engines or model trains rather than sticking things up their backsides.
            When I do this I feel I am tapping into my life force and it’s something not to be done lightly or with a profane attitude. I know this sounds OTT, but it’s how I feel.

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