We Cross Paths Again

Have you ever met someone you were so intensely attracted to that it's a visceral experience? An experience so strong you are powerless to resist it?

Yeah. Had that. Tonight. Again.

He's unavailable. Completely unavailable for so many good reasons. Logic does not affect the strength of my attraction. The way he turns his head, looks at me sideways while his eyes smile mischievously simply makes my panties wet. Very.

Underneath that handsome face, those striking eyes and that beguiling smile I'm sure there are more than a few characteristics that would expose his human failings and likely be deal breakers for me.

And yet...

I feel the pull so intensely.

We have crossed paths before. I felt it immediately; doing a double take on him the moment he walked in the door. He wanted to be friends. I couldn't...and I can't. I want to consume him, have him, possess him, fuck him...own every inch of him and those smiling eyes. These urges do not auger well for a friendship. I told him exactly that. And that I would enjoy the next time our paths crossed.

I certainly did...and later at home with my fingers in my wetness, I have all the inspiration I need. Thanks to you Sir; the man I cannot be friends with.



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  1. Yes. Something very similar also happened to me, but just the one time.

    The attraction I felt to this woman caused me to drop my defenses far earlier than I normally would have. In what has to be one of the most embarrassing memories of my life, I told her of my desire to have her possess me, or at least, I tried to. She told me how sweet I was, and how she hoped we could remain “friends”. I told her quite openly and honestly that I could not conceive of such a limitation in a relationship with her.

    The major difference between your story and mine, occurs at this point Ruby. You went home and turned it into a pleasurable experience of sorts. After I got home, I went straight to bed with a pain in my core that I couldn’t shake for a week. I would have welcomed death if he had come knocking at my door, but as I eventually came to realise, death does not give a fuck.

    I rather like the way your story turned out, in comparison to mine of course. I truly hope you’re not hurting.

    1. Not hurting at all, thanks. My heart is not involved…It’s a lot more lust than anything else. And lust is such a wonderful thing! He makes for great fantasy material, that’s for sure.

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