I Will Never…

...and I do mean Never

...align myself with a retailer, a wholesaler or a manufacturer that sells toxic toys.


This angers me more than I can express.

In my life I have watched countless large corporations make the choice that benefits the bottom dollar instead of the health and welfare of their consumers...the very people that make the purchases that create their wealth!

And it pisses me off.

I listen to Dan Savage and Sex Nerd Sandra podcasts. I love these people and the work they are doing to open people's minds and educate them about sexuality. They...rock.

But I am frankly appalled that they advertise for an online retailer who, when you put the word "jelly" in the search field, comes up with 288 results. Nowhere on Adam and Eve's website do I find any warning about phthalates or inability to sterilize toys that are made of "jelly"...or frankly any warnings at all.

Buyer fucking beware, I guess.

Dan...Sandra....? How can you guys sell out? I know Adam and Eve is a pretty fucking big player in the sex toy industry. But I don't care how much they are paying you...how can you betray your listeners like that? I don't get it.

The only way things will change and toxic sex toys will stop being manufactured and sold is through the education of consumers. You are both in such a powerful position to make a difference.

Will you?

Or is it all about the money?


2 Responses

  1. I certainly do not know the intentions of these two bloggers nor can I say something to the extent of their sell out, but I guess the more popular a person gets the more tempting the advertising contracts become that are being offered to that person.

    The best way to get an answer to the big question at the end of your post would be to bring your concerns to their attention or at least to try to do so. Maybe they will rethink their advertising concepts and maybe they won’t. But either way you”ll have your answer.

    In any case I find your steadfastness to admirable.

    1. I sent them both an email. Not really expecting to get a response but I tried. Sex educators have to eat, too – it’s a tough world out there trying to make money talking/teaching/advising about sex (unless you have an MTV show, perhaps).

      I’m sure the advertising monies are substantial. Money makes the world go round most of the time, unfortunately.

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