Day 1 Orgasm 1

As my fingers played in the first couple of hours of May 1st, and the official start of Masturbation month, my mind was predictably on Mr. Great Kisser. No point in creating an anonymous guy for a masturbatory fantasy when there's already a hot guy in my life.

He walks in and I immediately pull down his pants and put him face down over my lap, stretched out across the length of the couch. I slide a large butt plug into his round ass, slowly and firmly. I pick up a wooden paddle in my right hand and the pages of one of my erotic stories in my left hand.

I begin to read, stopping every now and then to apply the paddle or wiggle his plug. His gasps and moans start soft and get louder. We are in a place where we can be loud.

I've purposefully chosen one of my longest stories; 10k words. His ass is very red and hot by the time I am finished reading. Mr. Great Kisser is squirming and asking for more; he loves it.

Instead I take him into the bedroom, put his legs over my shoulders and replace his butt plug with the largest dildo I have and fuck him softly and sweetly until he comes hard. His cries of pleasure are sweeter than any dessert I've ever tasted.

And right then was when my cries of pleasure filled my new bedroom on the ranch. Sweet.


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  1. Seems like an appropriate way to start off MaMo13. I love how he is bent over the couch before he is even half way through the door. I wouldn’t mind a surprise like that after work!

    Oh, and I think I will join you and celebrate the beginning of May accordingly tonight.

          1. Of course! I just assumed that’s what the story was about, his prostate orgasms. Although I do realize it was a fantasy, I thought you might have based it on reality.

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