Day 10 Orgasms 11 & 12

Sometimes when I have the time and the audio privacy I pull out one of my dildos and use it in conjunction with my Hitachi. Those playtimes are always good for two orgasms and occasionally I squirt. I can get loud, too. One can manufacture audio privacy simply by turning on some medium loud music and I do that sometimes. This time wasn't one of my loud times but it was quite satisfying. The combination of G-spot and clitoral stimulation is heaven for me and fills so much of my body with pleasure.

I am seducing a very young man who has come to deliver a pizza. I answer the door in a long, low-cut black satin negligee. He stutters and stammers and blushes as I invite him in and ask him to put it in the kitchen. When he returns I hand him the money and then tell him I've got something special for him for his tip. Without another word I back him up against the kitchen wall, grab his shaggy black hair at the base of his neck and kiss him. Initially surprised, he melts in my arms and then welcomes my tongue inside his mouth to play. I feel him instantly get hard against me and I smile. Love the young men.

He thinks his tip is just the kiss but is surprised when I start taking off his clothes. Everything hangs in the balance as he resists gently for a moment and then makes a decision, allowing me to pull his T-shirt off over his head. I keep kissing him in between each piece of clothing until he is naked in front of me, his smooth, tight body pressing up against the satin. His cock is making small spots of pre-come on the black satin.

I take him into the bedroom and keep him there for the next two hours, during which time his phone rings repeatedly and he doesn't answer it. He'll probably lose his job but he'll remember this night for the rest of his life. His "tip" is a 7" dildo that he is begging for me to fuck him with before long, after he's felt my tongue in his ass, my fingers deep inside him, my body laying on top of his and kisses on the back of his neck. I'm loving the begging, by the way.

He's blushing and beaming when he leaves. Embarrassed and thrilled. His life will never be the same, in a very nice way.


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