Day 12 Orgasm 14


"I don't want to see it!"

Jesus. A body builder, a weightlifter, the strongest man I know and he's afraid of a little strap-on. He's agreed to let me fuck him but he's afraid of the visual. Worried it will freak him out, kill the mood and he'll change his mind.

Which is a shame because this visual is pretty hot. I look in the mirror and see the shiny black cock jutting out from my pussy. A leather harness holds it inside me and it's pressing delightfully on my G-spot. I want to show him that, too, but he refuses.

I slip a blindfold over his eyes and tie his wrists to the bed posts. Then I put two pillows underneath his ass and push his legs up.

I fuck him sweetly, whispering in his ear the whole time about how amazing it is to fuck his see him there tied up and unable to stop know he is taking my cock deep inside him and loving it.

I slip the blindfold off, kiss him lingeringly, then fuck him faster and watch his face. He won't look anywhere except into my eyes. His brows knit together and a look of surprised intensity washes over his face. I grab his cock and begin stroking it. After only a dozen or so strokes of his cock he moans, arches his back and yells in time to each spasm running through his body.

The thought of the strong man, fearing vulnerability and penetration, opening up and loving it...that's what sent me over the edge last night.


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