Day 13 Orgasm 15

Well...I was actually thinking about what I'm going to do with...

Wait, no...what I am going to do to Mr. Great Kisser.

Friday night.

The dominant partner in a D/s relationship plans. This planning is not at all unpleasant. It is titillating and delightfully preoccupying. And often excellent fodder for masturbation fantasies. In fact that's my favorite time to plan.

Details spin around in my mind and coalesce into a hot scene that I refine and tweak until it feels just right. The finished product always gets me off. Because isn't that the whole point?

He knocks on the door - having been directed to do so when he arrives. I open the door a crack and tell him to close his eyes. Leading him inside carefully I take his things from him and set them aside. I gently tie a silk scarf over his eyes as a blindfold and he'll smile...we talked about this. We talked about his need to eliminate the visual sometimes and shut off that input so his mind slows down and the world becomes just his body and what I am doing to it...or with it.

Then everything changes. Whatever shirt he's wearing is going to come off quickly and forcefully. I tell him not to touch me with his hands. Then he's pushed back against the wall with me all up in his business. Kissing him aggressively, hard and demanding. My hands are quickly unfastening his belt and jeans and I push them and whatever underwear he's wearing down in one smooth movement to his knees...effectively hobbling him. 'Cause he's still got his shoes on.

Our lips never part as I run my hands over his body and grab his cock, playing with it like it's mine...because in this moment it so is. I reach around him and grab his ass, trailing a finger his cheeks. I feel him arch back to meet it, already hard against me. He moans through our kiss.

I take his hands and run them over parts of me in a very specific and intentional order. Yes, there's a corset there, breasts overflowing out of the top. And garters. And stockings. And a harness.

Still kissing.

Then I'll put his hands on my dildo and instantly he won't be able to think about anything but how it's going to feel inside him.

Spun around and pushed against the wall. Cheeks separated with the certainty of someone who knows that ass is theirs to take. One lubed finger slides right in all the way. I press him to the wall with that finger and push my body up against his, biting the back of his neck.

Grabbed by his hair and bent over the couch...and fucked. Thoroughly. Fucked so those thoughts that usually go round and round in his head spin off to parts unknown. There's no room for them between the hair pulling and the biting and the fucking and the undeniable sensation of being taken.

At least I'm thinking of doing that, anyway...

It might all change by Friday.



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