Day 14 Orgasm 16

So who's keeping up with me?

Who is taking Masturbation Month as seriously as I am? Who is laying their body down each night and getting friendly with their nether regions? Taking things  into their own hands?

Admittedly it is perhaps more easy to accomplish if one is single. Otherwise I suppose the restrooms at work would be an option. Or late night porn viewing. But if you are at all sexually active with your partner - May could be taxing, to say the least.

Last night I was thinking about one of the scenes in the "Sleeping Beauty Trilogy" by A.N. Roquelaure aka Ann Rice (The woman who single-handedly created the pony-play phenomenon from her fiction books). I loved the wantonness of those erotic fantasy books...the way everyone was up for a fuck anytime and just about anywhere...with just about anyone, too! And the idea that you could have a slave, handsome, muscled, pampered and anally trained so that you could fuck him any time you wanted.  Hotness. I've gone back those books a few times and found specific passages that were my favorites. The male on male action in them thrilled me; I love bisexual men. I love gay porn.

There was a scene in one of the books - or perhaps it was a scene I made up in my own imagination after reading them. In the stables. Where the hot boys who were ponies were kept at night. Often the anal plugs they wore that had horse tails attached teased them all day when they pulled the carts around yet they did not get any release and were forbidden to touch themselves. The stable master was a huge man who would wash them down after they returned, strapping their arms and legs to keep them still just the way you would with a horse. He'd get them clean, dry them off and oil their skin with a spicy, pungent oil. Then he'd remove the butt plug tail and fuck each boy until he came. The stable master's cock was large and his stamina was legendary. Only after all the boys had been serviced would he allow himself to come deep inside the last one.

Yeah. That gets me off every time.

And now all of you who have never heard of the Beauty trilogy are wondering what the hell I am talking about! If you have BDSM leanings it's a good read. Recommended.

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  1. My usual frequency is once-a-day, so I’m with you!! Though if I had to write about it every time, I’d not be doing nearly as well as you – that’s a tough gig.

    Go you!


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