Day 15 Orgasm 17

The dream he had twisted his mind...and his cock. She appeared out of fucking nowhere. And although she had the body of a woman, she wasn't really. She growled and moved like an animal and never spoke. She was on him before he knew what was happening. In that dream-like way that is so frustrating he found himself unable to move of his own volition. Nor could he talk. And it scared the hell out of him! Her eyes glowed and she bared her teeth at him, right before she jumped on his back and slid the enormous white dildo home inside his ass.

He still couldn't move but now he didn't want to. That familiar hum of pleasure started to spread from his ass all over his body. It was electric and intense. He could feel his cock throb powerfully as his orgasm approached like a charging bull. Then she bit the back of his neck hard and thrust deeply inside him. It doubled the heights of the waves of pleasure that raced over every inch of his body. Holy fuck.

He awoke sweating and disoriented, to a puddle of come underneath him.

Jesus Christ that was intense for a dream.

Rolling slowly off the bed he went to go take a piss, still marveling at his dream.

Standing there pissing he rubbed one hand over the back of his neck. There was a sore spot there! He twisted in alarm to look in the mirror on the wall and pissed on the floor. Damn it, he'd clean that up later. Finishing and shaking the last few drops off his cock he turned towards the mirror again and and checked his neck. There was a red mark there, curved and kind of like teeth...what the fuck?


My over-the-edge moment was when she entered him and he couldn't move...and she fucked him until he came. Common theme for me; I will make you come whether you want to or not.


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