Day 17 Orgasm 19


There is really nothing to compare to the excitement of a new sexual partner. So much to enjoy. Running my fingers along all the parts of his body for the first time to see his reaction. Discovering the places that make him swoon...or twitch...or moan, depending on how I touch them. Sometimes all three at once.

I hear the words, "Yes. Ma'am" and it makes me smile and sends a little jolt straight to my clit. He likes saying those words. I like hearing them. He likes being out of control. I like possessing it.

Being a woman who has not yet orgasmed during pegging (and I keep saying yet - believe me I'll let you all know when that happens), sometimes I am so fucking horny after I make him come that I can hardly stand it. I shed the harness, grab the Hitachi, give him directions how he can help and we are off to the races. It was a fast race this time.

So was it technically masturbation? Yes, because I was holding the Hitachi (as he stroked my nipples). It qualifies.



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  1. Don’t know if this will work Ruby. How about trying a strap-on harness with the protruding dildo up high, so when fucking him in the ass, you can feel his ass cheeks, perineum, scrotum and thighs massage you in the right places 😉

    What do you think?

    1. Mere “pressure” in the right places is not yet sufficient to get me off – that may change someday or it may not. I need vibes! And it’s mostly still all about the clit. G-spot providing me with more and more sensation the more attention I pay to her but not (yet) the orgasmic-with-no-clit-stim type…

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