Day 2 Orgasm 2

Men in Skirts
Men in Skirts

With the gender reversal aspect of pegging - I have become aware of many typically male viewpoints. Like this one: Skirts are so accessible.

I am picturing watching these men do a kind of dancing battle, the winner of which gets to be my plaything. I sit off to the side in the high-ceilinged loft on a cushy sofa, my legs curled under me. The men are focused. Echos fill the room of their feet falling hard on the wood and their grunts of effort. The man in white has an edge and I am happy about that. I can see the curves of his ass beneath the thin fabric and I want it.

Finally the man in black falls to the floor. I get my wish and bend the sweaty frame of the man in white over the back of the couch, pushing his skirt over his back. I fuck him for a while, listening to his breathing and his moans. Then I beckon to the man in black who had been sitting off to the side looking dejected.

I sit on the couch and my champion sits down on my cock, his back to me. The man in black doesn't even need to be told - he pushes the skirt aside and takes the hard cock there down his throat all the way. We are a sweating, writhing threesome until the man in the middle comes with a whimper. Watching and feeling his orgasm sends me straight to mine.

That's what I was thinking of before I slipped off to sleep last night.


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