Day 3 Orgasm 3


It was a hot afternoon. Sultry. Ella couldn't wait for her husband to get home. Walking around the house naked was getting old. So she decided to read some erotica. She laid down on the couch out on the back porch and read story after story, her fingers playing lazily between her legs.

James wouldn't stand a chance when he walked in the door.

The fourth story she read was about a woman who fucked her guy with a strap-on. It thrilled her. Ella's hand sped up as she rode the wave of her first orgasm of the night. Inspired, she rolled off the couch and scampered into the bedroom. Searching through their toys she found the harness and dildo.

That's what she was in the mood for. That's what she wanted tonight. A piece of ass...


©Ruby Ryder



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