Day 22 Orgasm 25


Last night I replayed a fantasy from long ago that I probably found in a Penthouse Letters magazine. A bisexual man goes to Greece for a month for work. (I know, right off the bat with the clichés). He starts getting massages from a large hairy Greek man who occasionally trails a finger over his anus during the massage. The businessman lubed up his ass before his next massage.

When the masseur found the lube he slid his thumb right in, taking it correctly as an invitation. He fucked the businessman with his thumb for a while and then had him stand up and bend over the table. After a too-brief opening him up with his fingers he slid his thick cock inside the businessman and the Greek fucked him until he came. The Greek was still hard and the businessman wanted release. The Greek laid down on the massage table and the businessman rode his cock until he exploded in the most intense orgasm of his life.

The Greek fucked him silly for a month until he went home to his partner. She listened to his story and went right out and got a strap-on. Pegging became common foreplay for them.The businessman discovered his love of getting fucked in Greece and brought it right home to his relationship. Turned out she'd always wanted to fuck him.


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