Day 23 Orgasm 26

I have this recurring fantasy of fucking a guy in public somewhere. Not blatantly in front of a bunch of other people kind of public. More like a people could look over and maybe see us kind of public. I'm not the one who would be naked. Maybe I'd be dressed like the woman in this picture and take him by surprise. He would be bent over a railing, a bathroom sink, a chair or couch in an empty room of a party house. Or even on a balmy night outside up against the side of a house à la the kiss in Brokeback Mountain.  He would be ready, wanting me for the last two hours we'd spent together. Every time our eyes met at the party we'd think about sex. He'd think about when he was going to get fucked because getting fucked was a foregone conclusion. On the way home I'd tell him to pull over on a secluded stretch of road and take him over the back of the car, his cries echoing in the trees. Or maybe now that I live on a ranch, I'd take him by the light of the moon over a fence with the horses whinnying in the background and the stars overhead .


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  1. Totally had that fantasy many times. I wouldn’t mind getting pegged lying on the hood of the car as well. Slutty car rides are the best!

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