Day 27 Orgasm 31

As a giver of pleasure, the most exciting part of sex is thrilling my partner to his very core, so that he is trembling, overwhelmed and unable to speak after I make him come. That usually involves playing with his cock, fucking him, kissing, caressing him and keeping him excited for a long, long time until he's begging me to come.

In my fantasy I was doing exactly that. He was on his hands and knees on the bed and he so wanted me to fuck him. But I was sitting next to him sliding dildos in and out of his ass excruciatingly slowly, starting off with the smallest one I have and working my way up the line of them. Occasionally I would run my fingers over his rigid, dripping cock. The dildos were laid out on a table next to the bed, in full view. He kept looking over at them and thinking about where we were in the far he had to go. I told him we would indeed be using them all.

He wanted me to fuck him harder and faster with the dildos and I wouldn't. In fact I spanked him for asking. The slow pace of the ass teasing caused him to focus in and try harder to feel every sensation of our play. His cock became hypersensitive to my fingertips and throbbed every time I touched it.

Halfway through the lineup of dildos I  blindfolded him. He continued to receive the next largest one, trying hard to remember which one was next now that he couldn't see. Every time I switched to the next one it was like being penetrated for the first time all over again, being stretched and the thrill of it sinking in to the hilt.

We finally reached the last one and he accepted it easily, almost hungrily. He had been on the edge for so long he was breathing hard and moaning a lot. I grabbed both the dildo and his cock firmly and began to gradually speed up my thrusts and strokes. Every time I pushed the dildo into him my other hand slid down the shaft of his cock to the base.

He knew I wasn't going to stop this time. His body was jerking and shuddering with the unrelenting approach of his orgasm. The sounds that came out of that man when he came, in my mind, were plenty to send me over the edge another time. the whole buildup had already made me come once.

I love two orgasm fantasies....


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  1. Absolutely awesome!! One of the best fantasies I’ve heard for a long time. Plugs right in to all of my kinks. We do this at home occasionally and it drives us both completely over the edge. Haven’t tried the blindfold yet though, food for thought!!

  2. Very Nice, Ruby. I SO Love being blindfolded while my partner does this to me!

    I’m a little surprised you’ve only had 31 orgasms in 27 days. Sure you’re not holding out on us?

      1. of course I love it “to the hilt”.

        While in missionary position, it turns her on to watch me squirm trying to get in more, where there is no more. She says, “whats the matter babe, not enough there for you?” That want for more is so hot. I also like it when I sit on her and then I can grind down and take it “to the hilt”. we’ve tried many dildos of all sizes. For us, we prefer 7 insertable inches and 1.75 circumference.

        1. That is indeed a very hot thing to say (files away for future use).
          From my experience 7″ seems like a good size for the more experienced user – but it also seems like the right length so that it can be used vigorously without getting too much into that inner sphincter before the colon. Any longer than that and you are absolutely going to have to navigate Hirsch’s sphincter…which some men love love love, and others do not!

          The 1.75″ diameter is impressive – that’s a nice girth.

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