Torrid Emails…

Words on a screen are just that; words on a screen...unless they are more. Unless they are composed just for you, to inspire, to thrill and to touch you deeply. We do that for each other, Z and I. It's addicting, those late night messages full of wanting and lust that speak straight to desires and longing and wantonness. Best sexy pen pal ever. Thought I'd share a bit of this with you all...'cause I'm like that. And 'cause he likes seeing his words on my website.  Torrid is many among us are able to claim such exquisitely hot and tawdry conversational delights? I feel so lucky; Z thrills me with words and Mr. GK offers up his body for my pleasure on a regular basis. Life is pretty fucking good...

Our story begins when I mentioned I'd been thinking about him while getting off, and he wanted details... I have a question. What did your thoughts wander towards? What about me were you thinking about? You can't say I came to mind in the throes of Passion and not give me an inkling as to why or in what regard!

I have a recurring fantasy of fucking you and you being completely vulnerable, opening to me completely, taking me deep inside you while we are kissing and then you coming hard and loud…so hard it messes with your sense of being a man and you need to go to the shooting range the next day.

Oh man.

If I had a bucket list for sex experiences, what you described would be at the top. The only thing I could even think of adding is this. I would love, right before I left for the range, if I was told very sternly I could not go unless I wore your panties. Having a constant reminder while I'm trying to scrape back some sense of my manhood that it wasn't just taken completely from me, but I crumbled in your hands so much I willingly gave it all away to you and even when I try to reclaim it I couldn't even start without thinking of you buried so deep inside me that you penetrated the very core of what makes me a man.

I'd just like to say that what I love about your emails, is that it's plainly visible you don't write a single one mindlessly. You put thought and effort into everything you type. That's why it's so damn intimate all the time.

Hope you had a good sleep.

Glad you enjoyed my fantasy and that it spoke to your sexual bucket list.

So this is why it is hard to resist writing you, because you have an uncanny ability to say the one thing that in my world would definitely make it hotter; the panties to the shooting range.  Oh man. And then to put it in the words you did. Wow. Maybe this is why we are supposed to have a connection – you are my muse. Because I most definitely want to put that into a story; the panties and the shooting range. Damn.

You are such a delicious distraction. Damn you! 😉

I'm glad you liked the addition to your fantasy. It was my first thought after reading it. I sat there with a raging hard on thinking..."I bet even the range wouldn't help because she would have forced me to wear her panties."

I have never been too much into size. I usually prefer smaller things because they are easier and still get the trick done. But, all day today after reading that left me with this desire to be...filled...I want it big, deep, and intimate. I want to sit down in your lap. In your favorite position. Being stretched open... eyes wide open. And locked in an embrace with you. To go from just holding tight, to kissing passionately, to sweaty fucking and grinding and back again all within a few minutes. And when I can't take it anymore I want to wrap you up in my arms. Enveloping you. Grabbing you by your hair to hold you closer. Then have load after load of my come spray in between both of our bare sweaty chests. My mouth would be right next to your ear and every one of my curses pants and moans would be magnified loudly in your ear. After I would just sit there head resting on your shoulder panting and when it came time to slide off you I would lightly bite your shoulder to prepare myself.
That's what I'm gonna think of when I'm playing later. Fuck.

Okay...I just totally got off on that, with a long rolling orgasm that kept going and going. I came faster than usual with that visual in my head, thankyouverymuch. We think a lot alike. Enjoy.

You and me both. So let me ask you this, when you're not taking ass and kicking names, what's your favorite thing to do in bed? What do you enjoy a man doing for you?

I think I have read your erotic paragraph about wanting a larger toy about 8 times now, and the thrill I get from it has not diminished. Those words are so sexually and emotionally evocative. Wow.

G-spot is what I crave. It turns me into a puddle of happiness. You hold me in your arms with two fingers inside me, stroking my G-spot while you kiss me deeply through my moans, feel me spasm around your fingers, squirt and tremble. And when my G-spot is satisfied I’ll want you to move on top of me, between my legs and fuck me slowly and deeply, with focus and intensity, staying in to the hilt and just thrusting while we kiss even more. There’s a spot that type of movement touches that feels just as good as my G-spot. I'll be grabbing your hair and my legs will be wrapped around you, pulling you into me. You can relax into the act because I am not a fragile woman and I love the feel of a man lying on top of me and fucking me. I’ll tell you when you can come and delight in the feel of your cock pulsating inside me when you do.

That’s my current favorite.

What you like....
Super fucking hot. I'm now conflicted because I don't know which I would want more with you.

Was talking to a buddy about going to the range. I'll be damned if I didn't start to get horny while talking about it. I can hardly clean my guns now without thinking of you stroking your cock in the corner of the room watching me work on them...

Hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for the continuing email adventures of Z and Ruby...


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  1. Wow thanks to you I now have another fantasy in my mind that I need to share with my wife which I will right now as if I didn’t already have enough in there

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