Podcast #56


Pegging Paradise Podcast #56

❤ From “Never-heard-of-it” to “sign me up cowboy” in 24 hours! Online LDR. He finally confessed his love of pegging. Now it looks like they might meet after all...the twists of fate indeed.

❤ "...the happiest she has ever been with our sex life and we have been married for 23 years!" Things are moving forward for the wife that previously refused to consider wearing a strap-on. They are shopping for equipment.

❤ When you send in your pegging success story, personalize it a little!

❤ Bad glass sex toy end of story. He got 50% of money back. Don't shop there.

❤ Female led relationship and bisexual husband couple checks in...

❤ shaving = sexy? This guy wants to know.

❤ Ruby goes off on a rant about hair.

❤ Questions from a young man for Ruby - good ones!

❤ Update on Ruby's erotic life and email life...and some lessons learned. All good.







4 Responses

  1. I absolutely agree with your thoughts on shaving. For me a trimmed pussy beats a bare one every day of the week, especially since it provides such an incredibly sensous contrast with the smoothness of the female thighs and stomach.
    Access is really the right word here because I need my girl to be ready for a quick pussy licking at any given moment.

    Some random thoughts:

    Ruby Ryder Enterprises sounds like it’s going to branch out in the future, I like it!

    Ruby as a lascivious teacher, oh my! School would have been so much more tolerable. I’m pretty sure back then my 18 yr old self would have more than enjoyed a bit of strapon sex between classes with the strict Ms Ryder. Oh, that fantasy is a keeper!

    So… bent over any good quarterbacks lately?

    1. I need my girl to be ready for a quick pussy licking at any given moment.

      Lucky girl!

      Mmmm Hmmm – the teacher thing, oh yeah.

      No quarterbacks…yet. No forest rangers, either. I have the Navy and Air Force represented but would love to get my hands on a Marine. Just sayin’…

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