Podcast #59

Needs a harness, but beautiful nonetheless...
Needs a harness, but beautiful nonetheless...

Pegging Paradise Podcast #59

❤ Rock her world sex gives you a better chance with pegging!

❤ iTunes review - "Societal Correction at its Best".

❤ Classes coming to Denver! Tues Sept 3rd!

❤ Update from the couple in podcast 56 - they are getting there!

❤ What happened? Neither of them are sure - probably a prostate orgasm.

❤ Cleaning Out - Leave the enemas behind.

❤ 2 erotic pegging stories from Zach posted! Enjoy.

❤ How do pegging women feel when pegging their partner? Does it feel like you are taking his soul?

❤ Sex Swing Specifics!



Face Book event - classes in Denver!

Anreos Wiki - Super O orgasm

Stories I wrote with Zach.


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