An Erotic Email…

"I came while thinking of you this morning. I pictured pinning you down, fucking you every which way. Rough. Throwing you around. It was passionate and hot. You were wearing a strap on. We had just the perfect give and take. I would pick you up and pin you against the wall and fuck you. You would take it for a bit then bite my lip or slap me to get me to stop push me on the bed, throw my legs over your shoulders and fuck me right back.
We went back and forth like this for quite some time. Both of us leaving marks on the other, but eventually I would relinquish. You would fuck me to completion while I begged you for it. After I came you would let me catch my breath before I sunk my tongue deep inside your cunt. Then I would eat you out nice and slow and tender till you came on my face. We would share your juices with a slow kiss till I curled up in your arms...”

~an email from Zach~

2 Responses

  1. Great fantasy, the back and forth of this is a huge turn on for my girlfriend and myself! We do it like that regularly and there’s nothing quite like lying on the bed afterwards knowing that both of us have fucked and been fucked just now. Also this “D/s switching” is simply hot!

    1. The description of it sounds incredibly hot – as long as the man involved can stay hard while getting penetrated – some can’t.

      But I completely agree – way fucking hot!

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