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THANKS for the confidence boost. Other than with one lover who actually indoctrinated me, I wouldn’t have had the gumption to even broach this subject. Because you’ve made me feel comfortable in even talking about this subject, I hope you won’t mind me sharing a prior story that I had.

A prior lover of mine who shall I say turned me out… did it rather slowly. We were both “nasty freaks” for all practical purposes, and thus our compatibility. The straight sex was unbelievable, but she was the first to expose me to anything involving anal play.

My lover was a former college softball pitcher and had what are considered large hands and long fingers for a woman. She was the first to place a finger near my ass, and she took me over the edge with her virtuoso style of anal tonguing. I was at her complete surrender most nights for sure!

One Sunday morning I woke a bit early to take a shower. I have a very large bathroom with a roman styled shower with two spigot heads and ceramic benches built in to sit down and even lay if desired. I usually shower with no lights on because there is also a large bay window to provide ample natural light.

Soap in one hand hard cock in the other, I love to lather my ass and entire pubic area while masturbating. Because of her, I too now loved running my finger round the rim and using the tip of my index finger to “slit my slit” while thinking if her magic tongue. Because I was in the throws of self passion I didn’t hear her watching just outside. OMG she startled me almost to unconsciousness. But she came right in and took my hand off my now purple dick and placed her hand in it. She made me promise never to do this alone again without her being involved. That was an easy promise for me to keep as she squeezed and stroked my 8 inch tusk with all five if her now soapy and, I say again, magnificently long fingers.

She took the soap from me as well, and wrapped her ass around me to rub my dick on her stomach. She then reached around and took hold of my left ass cheek and moved to massage my crack with the tips of her fingers.

“You know how I like it…” She said as she pushed me down on my knees and straddled my face so that I could give her what she liked to refer to as, “her morning blow job”. I love taking her whole clitoris into my mouth and while never licking sucking in its entire mast like an overly ripe Georgia Peach. I actually cup the bottom of her button with my tongue, put my lower lip as deeply as possible into her cunt and suck in deeply rather than blow out. Then I roll her clit into a rounded cock formation as I draw the whole mess into my mouth. Her clit grows three to four times over as I drive it deeper and deeper until I literally try and pull it down my throat!

She was pleased but by no means finished. It was actually just the beginning, for me. She got out if the shower and returned with my large purple feeldoe in hand this time. She put that down and held me close in order to taste all her wetness still dripping from my lips. She kissed me deep and long while my cock pulsed profusely between us.

She told me to turn around and she made me put my elbows down on the bench. She spread my legs wide so that I could form a strong base. I was out of control by this point as my ass cheeks constricted together. I also couldn’t control my violent shaking and bucking from all the anticipation. No lube no preparation, she just entered me with the humongous dong straight and away.

It went just about half way in on her first stroke. I can still feel the torpedo way inside my ass cheeks even as I write this today. I was done for at this point. I lowered my head down in the bench and thrust my ass even higher in order to offer my fullness over to her. Relaxed all my inner muscles and opened up all the way… She pulled back. I couldn’t be without at this point so I tried to buck back as well. HUGE mistake on my part because I didn’t realize at the time that she was merely gaining momentum for another even deeper penetration. OHUH#{%%^#~#^ was all I could say as she thrust that massive dick so far inside me that it was stopped only by my lower last vertebrae. Oh fuck how hot it was to be totally out of controlled, yet controlled by this woman. Her pelvis rode my taint and entire asshole as she shoved and rubbed her full pubis deep inside my “loins” (as you say…). My ass was fucked, my spirit had left my body, and my mind was totally unconscious at that point, as she split me open fully.

No hurt no pain at all. Just the rush of adrenaline and passion through every one of my body nerves. Needless to say that I took her into the bedroom, finished tongue bathing that (at this point) three inch clit of hers, and tried to fuck her as deeply and firmly as she did me…..


 Note from Ruby - I enjoy receiving stories like these and may either post them or read them on my podcast. I do ask that you EDIT them after you write them. I know it's a lovely turn-on to write your story down and likely you get off when you do it. Great, I am truly happy for you. Now go back and EDIT the story, 'cause I don't want to clean up your writing! Thanks.


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