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Pegging Paradise Interview Podcast #Special Edition 3


I hope you enjoy my second interview with the man who decided to go to a pro - he went back for more and called to tell me all about it! Also in this interview is a lot of good information about this man's journey when he experienced urinary issues that led him to seek a doctor's advice about his prostate. What happened may surprise you.


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  1. Great interview! I would have liked to get a few more details about the actual experience but the information provided was very interesting.

    The fact that the real life Ruby is a massage therapist is almost too good to be true, so thanks for fueling my imagination!

    1. Well…we would all have loved to hear a ‘blow-by-blow’ – but privacy and comfort level of the interviewee must be respected!! Glad you enjoyed this… And yes, I am particularly good with my hands.

  2. Any chance you can go back to the interviewee & find out which Aneros model he currently uses and which he is contemplating “upgrading” to?

    I’d also be interested in any Aneros experiences / recommendations your readers & listeners might have…


  3. I mostly chuckled, and occasionally laughed during the podcast at how silly, or stupid, the situation is over there with regards to procuring the services of a sex worker. I would assume that in areas where prostitution has been legalised/decriminalised, you’ll always find people who would share that sentiment. I never realised just how much I take it for granted that I can go to a sex worker without the fear of possibly being hauled off to jail and then dragged before the courts. The land of the free? I guess not.

    However, I must say that I am appalled with Massage Therapist Ruby. With regards to the story in the podcast about the man who was about to have his prostate sliced at by a laser, it appeared to me that you were more concerned about appearing unprofessional, than providing the man with some information regarding less barbaric options. Seriously, would it have crossed any line to mention to the guy something like “Google Aneros” (or whatever other piece of info you thought might have been helpful)?

    1. Fair enough…a few more details. This particular client had already had the laser surgery once, expressed a strong preference towards medical solutions in all other areas of his health, along with a distinct dislike of natural cures of any type. He’s an intelligent man. If he wanted to find an alternative to the medical solution he could have researched it himself.

  4. Both interviews were very good. There was a lot of information and insight. I definitely related to the comment about not having anyone to talk to about pegging. My first pegging wasn’t exactly from a professional (it’s not legal here where I live) but rather from a massage therapist who also learned to specialize in prostate stimulation. It was exciting and erotic but also a little nerve wrecking and scary but I was happy I did it. I would also enjoy getting a massage and pegging from you but I’m on the other side of the country so that will have to remain a wish. I’ve had 3 of them (over the course of 15 months because it is expensive) with a 4th one planned in the next few days. The other day I was thinking about starting a chat group or blog of some sort for men to be able to have a place where we could share our experiences and thoughts about pegging. There is a definite stigma attached to a man who enjoys this experience so we don’t talk about it openly. So I keep silent. It’s a shame really. Oh well.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the interviews.

      I would also enjoy getting a massage and pegging from you but I’m on the other side of the country so that will have to remain a wish.

      Please do not presume that I would offer such a thing! I am not a pegging delivery service. And it’s not fun being sexualized.
      The forum here has men who talk about pegging, but is not very active. Also – over at there is a forum with a pegging thread.

  5. Please accept my apologies. I never meant to offend you in any way. I’m very sorry. I won’t post again. This is exactly why I don’t do a lot of talking or posting. Again I apologize for offending you.

    1. Apology accepted. Don’t leave! A simple and clearly unintended transgression is no reason to banish yourself. You made an incorrect assumption. No worries. Rectified (heh heh) by communicating and working things out.

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