Chat Room?

Here's a question for you Pegging Paradisians...

Do you have any interest in having a live chat room here? My vision around this is a place where people can come and ask questions, share information, talk about equipment, talk about orgasms, etc...

Reddit/pegging is a place like that, and comes with all the video and photo sharing as well as the questions. Sharing videos and pictures is not what I had envisioned - you already have reddit/pegging for that. Plus - it soon edges into wankfest territory when vids and pics are shared. Don't mistake me; I'm all for wanking - but that's not the kind of chat room experience I want to offer.

The Aneros forum is a place where men talk about prostate orgasms and support each other in their quest for them, but don't talk much about pegging. There is one pegging thread there that I participate in, but I am wondering if there isn't a need for an open chat room experience here at Pegging Paradise....?

Let me know what you think....

I'm all about giving people what they want and need....

You want/need  a chat room?


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  1. Hi Ruby,

    I think a chat room would make for a nice way to get some interaction going between the people who visit your site.

    Maybe a forum is something worth thinking about as well…

      1. Oooo – I have long had a dream of an actual place where people who are interested in pegging could meet. Hard to ensure it does not becomes a meat market with trolls, but there are challenges with anything….

  2. I would like to see a forum. There are so many different topics that effect us all differently. Pegging is fluid. It changes with time. We can get to know one another through a forum as well. That would promote the use of chat as well.

  3. Hi Ruby,

    I think the idea of a chat room is fantastic, taking the pegging dialog to a whole level of discussion, vis-à-vis submission of letters with your response via podcast. Don’t get me wrong, the podcasts are GREAT… provocative and entertaining while also informative (not necessarily in that order). But a chat room would take the experience of engagement to a whole new level.

    Hope to see a chat room option soon!


    1. I am working on having a forum so that real-time chat is not necessary – we are in all kinds of different time zones. But the forum would require that people register – with a pseudonym if you like. (It would not be restricted to members who have erotica subscriptions.)

  4. I would love it if you had a chat room. I have visited many so-called pegging websites to educate myself and I find myself always returning to Pegging Paradise. This seems to be the only website that is directed towards passion and loving your partner rather than dominating them.

    Thank you for the GREAT website.

    1. You are so welcome! Though there are threads of dominance throughout my website because I identify as dominant…I like to save space for everyone so that we all feel welcome, no matter how we choose to experience pegging. Thanks for all your kind words. Working on the forum!

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