Podcast #68


Pegging Paradise Pocast #68

CatalystCon West - Joycelyn Elders rocked the closing Keynote!
❤ He doesn't feel much during prostate stimulation - what to do?
❤ She has no problem doing anal play on him but stops short of ever strapping one on and won't talk about it.
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ And a good time was had by all...!
❤ Post prostate surgery - he's still pegging!
❤ Any chances of classes on the east coast?
❤ Your weekly orgasm recording...


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  1. I was one of those guys that had trouble getting any pleasure from prostate stimulation. However after lots of practice I’m now able to have an orgasm just from being pegged.

    You need a toy that’s really curved; This is the one that worked for me;

    The real key here is to practice solo and maybe use some porn. Also you’ll find the prostate should be much more sensitive if you haven’t cum for a few days to a week. Sometimes it takes a bit over 10 minutes of prostate massage before you’ll even feel anything.

    At some point you can combine it with masturbation. You can try stopping and starting with masturbation while continuing with the toy.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Chris – thanks so very much for writing in and sharing your experience. I’ll be sure to let my listener know – and will read this on the next podcast. Love how we are crowd-sourcing knowledge about pegging!

      1. Chris and Ruby,
        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. After submitting my question to Ruby my wife and I took a trip to an adult toy store on a mission to find a new toy. We actually listened to podcast 68 on the way, taking mental notes on every thing we heard. We put a lot more thought into the purchase than we had in the past thanks to the advice we heard on the podcast. All in all we spent a good 3 – 4 hours shopping before we had one in hand (so to speak). We followed Ruby’s advice and purchased one that would allow us to use a bullet and one with an angle so as to better massage the prostrate. The dildo was about 6.5 inches long and 1.25 inches around, so not too big. We were also able to locate my wife a toy that could provide her with pleasure while she fucked me. I am a “strange” man in that I need to know she is taken care of sexually before I can truly enjoy myself. With the purchases made we couldn’t wait to test things out. Finally after kids were in bed the night began. With a warm water enema and hot shower completed I headed off to bed, mood lighting in place, soft music playing and my wife fully strapped we were ready to give it another try. We laid on our sides as for me that is the best way for me to start things off. For the first 5 – 6 minutes it was about the same, it was just ok. Then I realized that for the position we were in we had the dildo facing the wrong way. After we turned that sucker around it was a whole different experience. It was much more enjoyable than it had been in the past and at times I really thought I was going to lose my mind. We tried many different positions but my favorite was I think what is called the backwards cowgirl (or cowboy in my case) I was riding her but facing away from her. The vibrating action was extremely enjoyable as well and while I am not 100% sure my prostrate was being stroked – what ever she was doing was working… oh my it was working. She really enjoyed seeing me enjoying myself and together we had a wonderful experience that I am waiting to repeat. I am blessed to have a wonderful partner in my life that is patient with me and was willing to “stick it out” with me until we found how to maximize my pleasure.

        I am very thankful that I turned to Ruby for assistance, I think she was amazing to take the time to not only respond to my plea for help but to do it is such a timely manner.

        Thank you once again for your response and I have already done some research into the toy you suggested and look forward to our next trip to the store.

        I do have several more questions as this is all still new to me and in the near future will submit those.. in the meantime we look forward to continuing our education and enjoying all the podcasts! Keep up the amazing job.


        1. Yes! So glad to hear of your success!
          My very favorite part of your entire comment:

          After we turned that sucker around it was a whole different experience.

          Pays to know what you are aiming for and where it is instead of just pushing something in your rectum and expecting fireworks!

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