The Tryst

beneath my closed eyelids...I remember

I remember how we just stared at each other
for a time when we first met
much had already passed between us
we'd shared so many of our deeper layers
that all we did was look at each other and smile


I remember the look on your face when you returned
from the restroom in that dive bar where we met
you wore a pair of pink lace panties underneath your jeans
no one knew but me; I gave them to you
your blush could not have been deeper
your smile could not have been wider


I remember, so well
the feel of your wide shoulders
the way you picked me up
after we shut the door of our hotel room
you wrapped my legs around your waist
and held me against you while we kissed
our lips pressed together, hard


I remember how deep our kisses felt
how surprisingly full of intimacy
as if the words we'd written to each other
for so long
had magically, over time
created a physical intimacy
we had yet to explore


I remember the inescapable truth of time
knowing it was limited
enjoying it as much as we possibly could
and wishing for more
even as we said goodbye
you grabbed your panties and walked out the door


and I remember how the words continued
to flow between us
those next few days
marveling at the experience
reliving the details
realizing what we both wanted was simply...


©Ruby Ryder


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