Day 19 Orgasm 22

Found this photo on a Tumblr blog and the story spun itself in my head...I got off on imagining Susie giving Brad his first time.


Brad had no idea Susie was planning some fun and games later that afternoon. Until she flashed him and pulled up her skirt. She did it while they were sitting at the bar outside.

"Take my picture, honey!"

"Okay." He pulled his phone out and held it up, framing the photo of his smiling girlfriend sitting at the bar.

"Wait, Brad." He paused, expecting her to straighten her skirt or smooth her hair.

Instead she turned towards him a little, pulled her skirt and her legs up and totally flashed him.

As her skirt came up he leaned in with the camera, expecting to see her beautiful pussy. Instead, Brad got one of the best surprises of his life. What the hell? She had a big pink dildo strapped on! His ass clenched when he saw it.

He was just about ready to take the picture when he saw the strap-on and his finger touched the screen in reflex, capturing the moment.


They'd been really enjoying ass play lately. A lot. He'd been hoping for more of it while they were on vacation.

Looks like his wish was going to come true.

He regained his composure as Susie put her skirt down and acted like the moment had never happened. She crossed her legs and turned back towards the bar.

"Are you going to take the picture or not?" Her voice was playful. For a moment he thought he'd imagined it all.

His cock said otherwise, filling up his shorts.

And the picture was right there on his phone, a visual preamble of the evening to come...

He came up behind Susie and wrapped his arms around her, snaking one hand down to grab the toy through her skirt as she giggled furiously.

"Let's go to the room and skip the drinks, okay?" His voice overflowed with need and desire.

"You bet your ass, big guy." Susie slipped off the bar stool and Brad followed her like a puppy to the room.

This was going to be a fucking great vacation!


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