Day 22 Orgasm 25
chin in the air and those sunglasses - fierce!

Sweetness rolling around in my head last night. (In contrast to the picture!)

Being held and kissed with his cock buried deep inside me, filling me up. He's strong, safe and sweet. Concentrating on my pleasure. On top of me and thrusting into me gently but in just the right way that he knows I love. That spot. Oh God that spot feels so good. His kisses are endless and simply send me. His hands go to my nipples and he's playing my body like a symphony at this point. He continues just like that until I'm moaning underneath him. Then he flips me on my knees and sinks back inside me, he puts my hand on my clit and takes my nipples in his hands again, teasing them expertly. I come long and hard right before he lets go and fills me with his hot seed.

This is an unusual fantasy. Usually it is me doing something to someone, not the other way around. Perhaps there's hope for a little switch inside me yet...!


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