Day 21 Orgasm 24

The boys have been playing while I've been gone. All according to my instructions, of course.

I've been gone for 4 days. Sammy and Chris have had some fun.

We're a happy poly threesome, all in love and lust with each other. When I go out of town for my speaking engagements my boys have to do as I say. That's our agreement.

The first night I had them go to the gym together, work out hard, come home and give each other massages, eat a light dinner and sleep together. Just sleep.

Night number two was fun. First they kissed for a full 5 minutes. Then they took themselves and their hard cocks into a bath together in our large sunken tub. They edged themselves for 15 minutes while soaking but weren't allowed to orgasm. They slept together again, likely with erections that came and went all night. Restless.

Night number three Chris first rimmed Sammy and then fucked him soft and slow for 10 minutes. Still not to orgasm for either of them. Still sleeping together.

Night number four Sammy got to do the exact same thing to Chris. I always let Chris go second because he has better control. Hard not to fall over that edge of pleasure into orgasm when you are sunk deep in the ass of a man you love. They slept separately that night, and fitfully.

I'm 5 minutes from home and my boys know exactly when I'll be there. They are going to be naked and hard and ready to play.

I've missed my boys. Homecoming will be sweet.


That was my fantasy last night - I think I'll make this one into a full story.


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