Day 23 Orgasm 27



You readers who are not into might be a little frustrated at this point. C'est la vie!

The bisexual fantasies have taken hold of me and refuse to loosen their grip. That's partly because I have recently had a smooth-talking man calling me and telling me hot, nasty, naughty things in my ear....while my hand is playing in my wetness. This is unusual.

Phone sex has not been my forte in the past. I liked listening to my partner get off and have managed to spin a number of fantasies that were received with happy orgasms. But this guy pushes my boundaries and throws up all kinds of fantasies that are just outside of my comfort zone. But only just. Which is fucking titillating and hot...and brilliant. It makes me wet. I'm repeatedly erotically surprised and delighted by the scenarios he imagines.

The pleasure of living in a poly threesome where the men are into each other as much as they are into me. That's what he got spinning around my head. I pictured their four hands soothing, relaxing and then teasing me. They took turns kissing me and each other. I watched them fuck each other, coming together with a raw passion that only two guys can. The passion that I try to duplicate when I strap one on and fuck a guy, throwing him around the bed with movements that are sure and firm and confident.

That's about all it took...

And it was good for two.

I do hope it's a prescient glimpse of my life.


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