Day 29, Orgasm 33

I love the contrast here. Her lacy bra and lifting of her sweater to hid her face speaks of shyness and a wish for anonymity. But the strap-on with it's bold-sized toy attached says otherwise.


She texted the picture to her lover. Without replying, he immediately got in his car and drove the 5 minutes to her place, pounding on the front door, his knocking speaking loudly of desire and need.

She welcomed him in with a big smile. He couldn't take his eyes off her strap-on.

"You want this, don't you." It was definitely a statement and not a question.

"How did you know?" he was afraid to say the words but his fear of disclosure seemed silly. She obviously already knew his secret.

"You left a screen open, sweetheart. I got up to go pee and bumped your laptop. That's when I saw...what you like."

"Well, I think I like it, Martina. I have actually never tried it..."

"Then we will have cause to celebrate at the end of this evening, because this is going to be your first time, Daniel."

He crossed the room and took her into his arms, kissing her hard. Her cock bumped against his in his pants and that sent the first thrill of the evening through him.

Martina took off her sweater and pants, leaving just her strap-on and the lacy bra and panties. She ordered Daniel to strip. He did so eagerly , his cock very hard.

He lay face down on the bed. She slipped her tongue into his ass and listened to him groan, felt him squirm with pleasure, pushing back for more. Her fingers explored his ass, finding the spot she'd read about that made him tremble and swoon. Finally she slowly pushed her toy inside him and lay flat on top of him, thrusting gently into his ass.

In the intoxication of that moment, they both knew that their sex life would never be the same.

It would be much, much better.


(My orgasm was thinking about Daniel's feeling it for the first time, her tongue in his ass and her laying on him and gently fucking him to ecstasy.) 


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  1. Now that’s an intimate, orgasmic experience to remember Ruby. How I like it, gently then more to ecstasy 🙂 Great way to make it a regular thing, not to mention the guy understanding what she goes through so he can pleasure her in a similar understanding way. What do you think Ruby?

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