Podcast #88


 Pegging Paradise Podcast #88


❤ Ventura freaks out about my pegging class position demos
❤ His back hurts when they peg - what to do?
❤ How to do the progression from anal play to thrusting?
❤ A chick with a dick - feeling uneasy
❤ She want to watch him get pegged by another woman. He's confused.
❤ He wants a brief style harness compatible with the Tango
❤ Risks of Rimming?
❤ Risks of cock and pussy with anal contact?
❤ The freedom of farts after pegging/anal play!
❤ Good beginner's dildo?
❤ Searching for a thinner dildo after healing the hemorrhoids!
❤ Is our toy toxic?



Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo
Spare Parts Bella Harness
Spare Parts Sasha Harness
Tango Double-Ended Dildo
WeVibe Tango Bullet Vibe
Rimming Risks
Toxic Toy Article


2 Responses

  1. Ruby, thank you so much for your reading not one, but both of my messeges (from Pegging paradise and Tribes) on your podcast and answering so thoroghly to all my questions! It was very exciting and helpful. I feel much more confident about pegging and anal play and my desires. I’ll let you know about our sex progress. Have a nice day and thanks again!

    1. You are so very welcome! I wish all couples/people approached pegging as curiously and thoroughly as you are. It practically guarantees a successful pegging. Have fun!

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