Anal August!

Nice Ass

One of my favorite months, indeed.

Just a couple of days ago, Porn Hub (come on - we've all visited there a time or two or two hundred, haven't we?) compiled some fascinating statistics regarding search terms having to do with 'ass' or 'anal.'

The complete article is here on their Porn Hub Insights BlogTheir latest entry - all about anal - is just in time for Anal August! 

So let's dive in and take a deeper look (heh heh) at the ass statistics.

Porn Hub grouped the ass-related search terms into two categories, one having to do with physical appearances and the other having to do with the physical act of anal sex. Here's something I find fascinating - the state numbers differ according to those two categories.

Kansas wants to look at asses and Montana wants to fuck them! And let's not forget Alaska, where perhaps the colder weather gives rise to more alternative sexual choices, because they hold the number 2 slot in both lists! Montana, Colorado, Washington and Oregon show up near the top of both lists. Marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington. Hmmm...does smoking pot lead to anal sex? Maybe!

I must admit I'm surprised that California is not near the top in at least one of them. I will admit to a certain amount of California-centric attitude, but it's also because I see California as one of the more sexually open states. Then again - the reverse could be a factor, meaning that the states with the most sexual repression could have the highest searches, because the internet becomes their hidden source of taboo titillation.

Possible factors:

  1. Sex-Negative Attitudes
  2. Population
  3. Sex-Positive Attitudes
  4. Weather?
  5. Pot is legal?

Porn Hub5

Porn Hub2


Then let's take a look at the world...Russia beat us out with anal and ass! That's awesome. Not surprised to see the UK and Canada show up. They show up in my Google Analytics as well. China is a surprise. I would have guessed Germany. Or Australia.

Porn Hub3


Next, here's a rundown of top anal and ass related search terms. I do wonder where pegging and strap-on sex was in the popularity of their search terms, but they didn't include that information. Still, the prevalence of certain terms is fascinating. Love the emphasis on big asses!!! Far, far more searched than 'perfect ass', right? Nice.

Porn Hub6


So on this first day of Anal August, let's celebrate our love of asses, whether we are looking or touching or rimming or fucking, it's all good!


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