Marathon Podcast #100 – 1

Pegging Paradise Podcast #100 - Part 1

Part 1
❤ To his surprise and excitement, she's down. Equipment?
❤ His cock didn't cooperate when PIV happened instead of pegging. Wife wasn't happy.
❤ She's loving it and just wanted to share!
❤ He finally found the courage to divulge and she misunderstood and got caught in the misconceptions. He wonders - what are women afraid of around pegging?
❤ Sweet message from a gamer.
❤ He loves pegging and is submissive. The women he dates don't see him as anything more than a plaything.
❤ The perfect storm of heels, gloves and a dildo in his ass makes the wrong impression when discovered by his wife. What to do>
❤ She's new and wants to be more dominant. Suggestions?
❤ She's not really into it. He really is. How to move forward when she's all wrapped up in the misconceptions?


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