Day 10 Orgasm 12

She told me to meet her in front of the restaurant. Thai food. She always chose Thai food. I saw her, already seated in a booth near the back.

When I sat down next to her, she gave me a kiss. We exchanged pleasantries for a little while.

"Let's go to the bathroom." I could tell by her tone it was more than a suggestion. We both stood up, went past the curtain and down the hall. She grabbed my hand, took me into the women's restroom, locked the door and turned to me.

"Drop your jeans." I smiled. Done. They pooled around my ankles and I hoped the floor of the bathroom wasn't too dirty.

"Undies too." I pushed them down. Being naked in a public restroom felt strange, exposed. She had me bend over the sink and stick my ass out. She pulled some items from her purse but I couldn't see what they were. Next thing I know, she was sticking a fairly large butt plug in my ass. It felt heavenly.

"Stand up and turn around." Done. The butt plug in my ass transforming what would have been a simple movement into something exquisitely pleasurable.

A leather strap with snaps appeared and was fastened around my cock and balls. My cock started to get hard. Then she pulled a long piece of blue ribbon from her purse, satin ribbon, soft. She tied one end to the leather loop around my cock, and tied the other end to the loop at the base of the butt plug. She tightened up the extra and tied a knot so that there was a loop on the right-hand side of me, right at my hip. I was quite hard now. And wondering what the hell was happening to me. This woman had game!

"Get dressed." I pulled my briefs and jeans back up and stuffed my cock into them. She held the loop of ribbon up while I did that, leaving a few inches hanging out the top of my jeans. My T-shirt covered it up completely.

We went back to the booth and she slid in first. I sat down next to her, hoping my hard on didn't show. She slid one finger through the loop of ribbon and gave it a gentle tug. I felt the simultaneous pull on my cock and balls as well as my ass. Oh my God.

The waitress headed over to our table to take our order. We didn't need to look at the menus, we ate here often enough that we knew what we wanted.

"Order for me." An evil smile.

"Yes, ma'am." This was going to be interesting.

"Hi, how are you two today?" The waitress had a bright smile and pretty eyes.

"Great, thanks." I tried not to think about the pressure on my ass and my junk as I spoke. Look at the pretty eyes, I told myself.

"Ready to order?"

"Sure. She'll have the cashew chicken, medium spicy, with extra cashews. I'll have the…OH! Excuse me, uh, the Pad Thai." The waitress gave me a puzzled look and a forced smile. I squirmed a little and put the throbbing parts of my body out of my mind. Tried to anyway, as the blue ribbon of distraction worked its magic.

"Alrighty then. Anything to drink?" Oh fuck, I wasn't done ordering yet!

"Oh, sure, I'll have a Ste-EL-la, and she'll have a glass of your Chardonnay, PLEASE!" The wicked woman next to me was workin' that ribbon. She turned and looked at the waitress and shrugged, as if my behavior puzzled her, too.

"Okaaay. Great. Thank you!" The waitress walked away, apparently deciding to get away from the man with the serious tic and bailing on the question, anything else?

"You are a wicked, wicked woman!" I hissed. The keeper of the ribbon giggled.

I could feel the plug touching my prostate every time I moved even a little bit, not to mention each tug on that blue ribbon. My cock loved every second of it. My balls ached a little. Already.

It was going to be a long night. And I had a feeling I would never look at a blue ribbon quite the same again.


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  1. What a delightful, playful, sexy scenario! The lucky lady enjoys herself, the lucky man enjoys being the object of his paramour’s enjoyment as well as the excitement triggered by random tugs on that devilish blue ribbon . . .

    The couple enjoy each other.


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