Day 9 Orgasm 11

Happy Masturbation Month, everyone! I must say, we are progressing along quite nicely (in my opinion...).

Now, I am totally into the whole bisexual thing, after a fun initial romp through BDSM world.

I think about homoerotic scenes, they run through my head as my fingers dive into my pussy, finding it wet. I love gay porn. And let's just forget all the labels. What I love is watching a man fuck another man. Yep, man on man action has been dominating my fantasies for the last few days. Probably because I am working on a story and it's got some homoerotic action in it. Which is totally turning me on (one of the benefits of being a writer of erotica).

Last night I was all wrapped up in that kind of erotic loveliness. The picture my mind created was doggie style, for the initial penetration. And let's not gloss over that part. Because the moment of penetration is so fucking hot that I replay it over and over in my mind, imagining the moans of the guy getting fucked and the intensity of it all. But once that cock is sunk deep into that ass, I picture the guy getting fucked being pulled upright and them both being on their knees, one behind the other. The fucker has his arms wrapped around the fuckee, holding him tight, the better to fuck him. There's kissing, on his neck and his back and grabbing his hair and really fucking him hard.

And then it becomes me who is doing the fucking.....

See why I love gay porn?



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  1. What a hot posting, Ruby! From this bi/curious man who has often fantasized about having another man inside me, your description hit right at home. Your description of the initial penetration to being all the way in brought up so many reasons as to why I hope to eventually experience this myself. Thank you!

    1. Yes! In the beginning of this adventure (Pegging Paradise, etc.) I fought against the “he’s not gay” thing. A little too hard. Not leaving room for the bisexual men. So glad to know that I have found a balance with the bisexual thing. in my world, it’s damn hot.

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