Day 23 Orgasm 26


"Come here, my pet. Let me play with you."

I'd just arrived home and had come into the bedroom to changed out of my work clothes. She was positively lounging in the leather chair, sexy as hell.

"Yes, Ma'am."

The glass dildo she held looked inviting, but could be challenging, depending how how she decided to use it in my ass. I snatched the bottle of lube off the top of the dresser on my way over to her and held it out. She smiled and took it from me.

She had her boots on. That was a good sign. The dildo dangled from her hand as I loosened my tie.

My cock was already swelling with anticipation. I took everything off, hung up my suit and tossed the rest in the laundry.

Kneeling before her, I looked up at her with a smile.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Ma'am."

"That's alright...I always enjoy watching you get undressed, hon."

She pulled herself up out of the chair and gestured toward the bed. I rose and went over to it, placing my hands on the silky blue comforter and bending over. Spreading my legs I arched my back and presented my ass to her, exactly the way she liked it.

I could see her boots from between my legs. So fucking sexy.

Cold. The tip of the dildo was cold. Apparently she didn't see a need to warm it up for me. She pressed it into my ass firmly and started fucking me with it. I was already part way to bliss and it still felt cold.

Jesus, I loved coming home.


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  1. Mmmm, yummy! except needs moar face-riding!

    Always be pushing him to the floor with your foot, stand over his head, drop panties on his face, and, when he’s pulled them off, descend slowly onto his face, so he can watch his fate coming to him. Then ride him until his face is as glazed with your juice as a gas-station donut.

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