Day 24 Orgasm 27

Mine for the night. That's what Susan said. Best girlfriend ever, right?

They met on FetLife. Dylan desperately wanted to be dominated. Susan desperately needed some handyman things done around the house. She could have done the chores herself. She had the tools and the know how. But one of the things that Susan had learned in life is that she was her happiest doing things that made her happy. Handyman chores did not make her happy. Beating and fucking men did.

So why not do a trade? Dylan sent her his picture and that sealed the deal. Susan looked at the smooth, muscular body in the pictures and that's all it took for them to start negotiating.

I'm not sure at what point Susan came up with the idea of loaning him to me. I was certainly down with the idea. I guess Dylan had done a considerable amount of work at her house last weekend. Though she spent a couple of hours doing her thing with him, she felt he needed more fun. Dylan wasn't complaining.

I intended to use Dylan in whatever way I pleased. Because, except for our negotiated hard limits, he just wanted to be controlled, and how I chose to control him was really up to me. Susan had given me a rundown of the activities they enjoyed together last Saturday. But I didn't want to start with any of those.

"Take that towel and put it on the chair, Dylan."

"Yes ma'am."

"Now turn around and stand in front of me." His body really was magnificent. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I took his cock in my mouth. That surprised him.

Soon he got quite hard, and I got a nice surprise. He was definitely a grower. Beautiful cock. When he was fully hard I pulled away.

"Now straddle that chair, and sit on it backwards. I want to see your cock and balls behind you, over the edge of the seat." I picked up my camera. Dylan looked a little puzzled. But once he straddled the chair he understood what I meant, and tucked his cock and balls backwards so I could see them.

"Now reach back with your left hand and try and put your middle finger right between your butt cheeks." These were going to be sweet pics.

"Yes ma'am."

It was just like I pictured in my mind. Even better, actually. I snapped a few pictures from a couple of different angles. Then I picked up my riding crop. I saw the faint marks on Dylan's ass from his play with Susan a week ago. I smiled.

"Both hands on the back of the chair, Dylan."

"Yes ma'am." He was so obedient.

I took careful aim, and snapped the head of the crop lightly against the head of his cock. He grunted. That was satisfying. So I did it two more times. I zoomed in on his cock, straining against the white towel, now a little redder and angry looking, and captured the moment for posterity.

Then I walked around to face him, hooked one leg over the back of the chair and pulled his face into my crotch.

"Do your best, Dylan, or there will be hell to pay."

He did do his best to please me. I was impressed. But we had just begun and I wasn't looking for an orgasm yet. Grabbing his hair, I pulled his head away from me and walked back around behind him. My crop whistled through the air and left three red marks on each ass cheek. He cried out a little with each stroke.

His cock seemed to to be very happy with the attention his ass was receiving. It looked even more swollen and red than when we started. I reached down to touch it, my fingers caressing the head and his balls.

"Do you like this, Dylan?" Sucker question. Of course he did.

"Yes I do, ma'am." I stepped back and smacked the head of his cock with my crop again.

"How about that?" He gasped.

"Yes ma'am, I do enjoy it when you hit my cock!" An element of passion had entered his voice.

He could not have put any more emphasis on the word 'yes'.

Oh my. Dylan and I were going to have some fun tonight.

I was so going to owe Susan.


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