Day 25 Orgasm 28

" Danny ! Yo te trajo conmigo para tomar fotos ! "

Danny! I brought you with me to take pictures!

The moment she said those words was going to be etched in my mind for eternity.

Carla was a fucking piece of work. I knew she liked fucking men. But I'd never seen her do it. I'd always been curious, and told her so earlier that day. We were friends.

She invited me along and told me I could take pictures. She said this man wanted the pictures, and she wanted him to have some good ones.

She was irritated with me because I wasn't doing my job, I was so fascinated watching her. I quickly brought the camera up and snapped a few, catching her expression of irritation.

Watching that big white cock sink into the dark-skinned man's ass was hypnotizing. He was moaning, like he was having so much pleasure he could hardly contain himself. He was arching his ass up to meet her thrusts. He was holding onto the edge of the bed.

Carla was playing her part well. But I am sure it was easy for her. I could tell that there was nothing about this job that she didn't like. How lucky she was to have found something she loved to do that paid so richly! She told me she'd give me a third of what the dark-skinned man paid her, just to do the photos! Best money I'd made in a while.

Watching Carla was so fucking hot, too. She was gorgeous. My cock was strangling in my jeans. I took it out and started playing with it.

Carla looked over and frowned at me.

"Danny ! No me importa lo que hagas con tu maldita polla, pero tienes que tomar las fotos !"

We both spoke Spanish quite well, top of our class in high school so many years ago. So I understood her perfectly.

Danny! I do not care what you do with your fucking dick, but you have to take pictures!

I switched to my left hand on my dick and picked up the camera with my right.

She kept fucking him. I kept taking pics. And I kept jerking off. It was all so hot that I came quickly, put my cock back in my jeans and kept on taking pics.

The moment she fucked the man to an orgasm and he came with a roar, it occurred to me, there was nothing about this job I didn't like...


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