Day 3 Orgasm 3

He called himself a real "butt slut". He certainly loved to be fucked, and we did a lot of that. One night we were playing together and I'd already beaten him (he loved that, too) and fucked him for a while. Then I took the harness off, removed the dildo and pushed it back inside his ass with my hand, directing him to sit on a chair. My favorite kind of chair - a sturdy wooden one with no arms and a high back. I'd thrown a towel over the padded seat and the dildo stayed in nicely as he sat there. I fastened his wrists together behind the back of the chair.

Then I took him deep in my mouth and caressed his dripping cock with my tongue, toying with his balls, too. Despite all of our play, he still hadn't come. He threw his head back and swooned at the sensations in his ass and my mouth on his cock. The dildo in his ass was not small...because he was a butt slut. He really wanted to come.

Then I did the unexpected. Instead of finishing him off in my mouth, I slipped a condom on his cock in one of those amazingly smooth movements like you want to have happen every single time you put a condom on, but it hardly ever goes that smooth. This time it did. It happened so fast that he was just opening his eyes and realizing what I was doing. Then I was already done, throwing a leg over his lap, mounting him and sinking down on his long, hard cock. My pussy was exquisitely wet from fucking his ass. Even wearing a condom, I was sure that he could feel the heat and the slickness. His eyes and mouth were open in surprise and pleasure. He groaned into my mouth as I kissed him. I ground my pussy against his lap.

Reaching over his shoulders, I grabbed the back of the chair and began to fuck myself on his cock, kissing him the whole time. He couldn't get away from me. Not his cock or his mouth, nor the dildo deep in his ass. That made it so much fucking hotter than it already was. I slid back and forth easily with the wetness between us on his cock, creating a rhythm and luxuriating in the feel of him inside me.  I could tell by the way his cock pulsed and his body grew rigid, that his orgasm was very close.

He broke our kiss for a moment to whisper a quick, tortured, "Please!" And then his tongue was right back inside my mouth. He'd been directed to ask for permission to have an orgasm. At this point it seemed a formality, he was going to come no matter what I said. I could feel it. So I just kept kissing him without answering. And I fucked him deliciously as his body tensed and begin to spasm. Removing one hand from the back of the chair, I pulled his mouth against mine insistently as he began to groan with each pulse of come that shot out of his cock as I pumped it in and out of my pussy. He did his best to continue kissing me as his orgasm slowed. But I kept fucking him. And fucking him. Past the point of too-sensitive and now into the territory of sensory overload. He began to yell and writhe a bit beneath me and though he kept his lips against mine, he began to whimper, breathing hard. His low groans had stopped and now every sound he made was at least an octave higher in pitch. The sound of pleasure combined with pain. Once again his lips left mine for just a moment. "Please, Ma'am!" I knew what he was asking.

Finally I stopped moving, holding his head against my shoulder as his whimpers quieted and he caught his breath for a while, no words passing between us. He gasped when I slipped off his cock, and left him tied to his chair, the dildo still deep in his ass. I sat down on a chair across from him, spread my legs wide and rubbed my clit frantically, urgent with my need to have an orgasm. I came quickly after all that hotness. He watched me with a big smile on his face. Fucking hot.


©Ruby Ryder 2015


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