Day 2 Orgasm 2



So...Mr Hot Body likes feet. This is new for me. Also new for me is that he actually prefers them au naturel. I posted some toe porn up on Facebook after I got a nice pedicure with sexy ruby red polish (of course), and he asked me if I paint my toes all the time. I replied, oh hell no, a few times a year. He liked my answer, because although he made it quite clear that if I liked painting my toes, he would be fine with that, if he got to choose he'd have them without polish. And when he visited, and we were looking into each other's eyes, me on my back with him deep inside me, he was holding my feet against his cheeks and kissing them. It was so erotic, the way he softly rubbed his cheeks against my feet.

I've never been much for eroticizing feet. But watching him somewhat shyly take such pleasure in mine…was hot. So it got my mind going. I wondered about all the things I could do with my feet that he might enjoy.

Mr. Hot Body is laying on my floor. I've tied his wrists together, and fastened them to the doorknob, admonishing him not to break my door. Because he probably could. I have a padded spreader bar between his ankles, attached to the cuffs I put on him earlier. He's blindfolded, too. First I put nipple clamps on him, tightening them carefully until I see his intake of breath as each one gets just painful enough to get his attention. Then I take his cock deep in my mouth, and get him very hard, until he is arching up to meet my lips, wanting more.

I grab the spreader bar and lift it up. His legs follow along and expose his ass to me. I slip a large sized plug inside him, and allow his legs to go back down. I play with his nipple clamps a little bit, twisting them and enjoying his moans. I lean down and kiss him deeply, touched at the control he allows me to have over his body. Then I stand up next to him.

I place my foot in the middle of his chest, in between the nipple clamps. I run it up and down his chest, then start stroking his neck and the side of his face with my toes. It's a balancing act, so I grab the footboard of my bed. That allows me to have the finesse that I desire with my foot. The moment my foot touches his cheek he turns his face toward it and kisses the underside of my foot. I feel his warm tongue sneak out tentatively and lick my skin.

I do the same thing with my other foot, and receive an instant repeat performance. I carefully nudge the nipple clamps with my toes, and then trail them down to his cock, which is pretty happy at this point. I stroke his cock with my foot from the base to the head and push it down firmly against him. He squirms under the pressure, and smiles at me.

I remove his nipple clamps, enjoying the gasp as each one brings pain when the blood returns to his nipples. then I turn around and squat over his face. Just as he turned his face to kiss my foot, he begins to move his head forward to meet me, because he can smell my pussy. It is so close to his face.

"Don't move." My voice is stern, and I mean what I say.

"Yes Ma'am." I can hear him smiling through his words.

It is a bit of an acrobatic feat, but I manage to lower my pussy right on his mouth, move a little to the side, and put one of my feet on his cock. He gasps with pleasure as I settle my pussy on his face. Then I get an idea, and put both hands down on the ground on either side of him to support my weight, which leaves both feet able to play with that hard, red, straining piece of loveliness. It's fucking hard to do, so I alternate between relaxing full against his face and lifting up for him to breathe. I know I can't keep this up for long, because my arms are only so strong. I do my best to trap his cock between my feet. And  I do pretty damn well at it.

His lips and tongue know just what I like, and he's doing exactly that, while I play gymnast atop his face. I let my arms take a rest, and relax my full weight against his face. I feel his cock throb between my feet in response. His tongue never stops teasing my clit, so gently that I want more, harder, faster. That's the key, with me, always make me reach for it.

But my arms tire. My acrobatics are over. I rise up carefully from his face, and see wetness at the bottom of his blindfold. On my knees next to him I lean over and kiss him deeply again, tasting myself this time. Then I turn around, and mount him in reverse cowgirl. His cock stretches me as it goes in, like it does every time, creating that lovely full feeling. As I ride him I reach down between his ass cheeks and start playing with the plug.

Soon, my juices are flowing down over his balls, and he is roaring as peaks of pleasure shoot through him.

He doesn't break my door.

Yeah, baby.


©Ruby Ryder

Happy day two of masturbation month, everyone!


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