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How Masturbation Month Originated

Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders

We all owe a big thank you to Joycelyn Elders, the Surgeon General under the Clinton administration. This was a woman ahead of her time. In 1994, this amazing, highly educated, progressive-minded Surgeon General was asked if masturbation had the potential to discourage early sexual activity. She had the sex-positive thinking to boldly reply: “I think it is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught.” Just like that, the career of the first black woman Surgeon General was over. Ouch. She was crucified for suggesting we include masturbation information in sex ed classes, even with the purpose of discouraging early sexual activity.

The staff at the San Francisco based sex toy and education company “Good Vibrations” were outraged and decided to find a way to keep the focus on Ms. Elders’ unfair treatment. National Masturbation Month was born! Good Vibrations recognized the need for bringing discussion of masturbation into the mainstream media (much to the horror of the sexually repressed), and providing support, encouragement and information. Huge thumbs up to Good Vibrations.

The first National Masturbation Month was celebrated in May of 1995. Why did Good Vibrations choose May? Reportedly, because of the “merry, merry month of May”, long celebrated for sexual awakening…and they couldn’t resist the added alliterative bonus.

Joycelyn Elders, I hope that seeing the movement towards more public discourse about and acceptance of masturbation brings you some small sense of satisfaction for the horrible injustice done to you. People were not ready for your sensible sex-positive message. More than 16 years later, many of them still are not ready. But we are moving in the right direction! There are more and more open conversations about masturbation. Just the other day, Planned Parenthood gave the nod to Masturbation Month! Can't say I saw that coming.

I re-posted the above for those of you who are new to Masturbation Month.


So there's a tradition here at Pegging Paradise during the month of May. I masturbate every single day! I also post every single day about what fantasy was going through my head when I got off. So what was I thinking about last night when my body was flooded with those peaks of pleasure? Well, first of all...I want you all to be aware that I am in the beginning stages of smitten with a man from Texas (Mr. Hot Body). He visited me for Easter weekend and things went rather swimmingly. You are forewarned - he might show up a lot in my fantasies. Yeah, that's a thing.

The kissing. Again, the kissing. For so long that our lips begin to get sore, but we don't care. The waltz that our lips and tongues enjoy takes precedence over everything else for a while. Sometimes it's lazy and soft, sometimes I can't press my mouth firmly enough against yours to satisfy my hunger as I suck your tongue into my mouth. So I tie you down. With you secured, I have the freedom to do as I want with your body, and that contains a promise of satisfying my hunger. I push you down over the soft spanking bench and attach your wrist cuffs to it. I attach a spreader bar to your ankle cuffs, forcing your legs apart with intention. Your ass is in the air, just the way I like it, and your legs are spread. Now I can suck many different parts of you into my mouth and I smile with that realization. First one cheek of your ass feels the attentions of my mouth. Then, delicately, one ball, and I hear you moan. When my tongue dives into your ass, though, that's when you start to squirm with pleasure, moaning loudly.

Time to warm you up. Give you what you love. I love it, too. I flog your ass and beat it with paddles, straps and my hands...along with my crop. When your shapely cheeks are deeply reddened,  I lube up my cock and place it at the entrance to your ass. You push back to the limits your restraints allow. I sink in slowly amidst your exclamations. I fuck you slowly, building up intensity until suddenly, I pull out and pick up my crop, raining blows all over your ass. Then I fuck you again. I keep switching back and forth until you are nearly hyper-ventilating. Then, some intentionally deep and hard thrusts, and you are moaning with every movement I make. I fuck you strong and wild, to satisfy the hunger I have, the urge that needs to connect with you so deeply. You have no choice but to come at that point, I wrench it out of you and you roar with your release.

Yeah. That did it.

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