Day 5 Orgasm 7

I trembled as she walked in the door. On the inside. I'd been waiting for what felt like days. The reality was hours.

She kissed me briefly and handed me her briefcase. I took her laptop out and plugged it into the charger as she sunk into her favorite chair. I slipped her heels off and rubbed her feet. Only then did she smile at my appearance, naked but for a sheer frilly blue apron. The raspberry martini was waiting next to her chair, freshly poured as I heard the garage door close.

Still in her power suit, she circled her finger in the air, silently directing me to turn around for her inspection. Her eyes tore me open so easily that I couldn't control my cock from swelling, lifting my apron comically. Her hand beckoned me to come closer.

This is what she wanted when she came home. Stripped. Silent. Serving. I gave it to her. It was a dance I loved. She moved the apron aside and ran her finger down the length of my cock almost absentmindedly.

"Get the paddle." Her words were matter of fact.

I went to the wicker chest in the corner, and pulled out the round stiff leather paddle with a wooden handle. We met eyes as I brought it back to her. She gave me a slight nod, and I laid myself carefully over her lap, my tall muscular body over her small frame. I could feel the bow of the apron across the small of my back and my cock pressed up against the silky fabric.

She began paddling me. Back and forth, cheek to cheek.

I offered my ass up for her use, taking her stress from her. This was part of our dance. She paddled me longer than usual. Both cheeks were bright red by the time she finally stopped. We were both breathing hard.

"Would you like the harness, Ma'am?"

"Yes, actually I would."

Back to the wicker chest. Returning, with supple leather, soft silicone, and a bottle of lube.

Setting things aside, I gently undressed her, down to her panties and bra. She moved to assist me as needed, as each piece of clothing came off. I kissed and caressed her skin, as it was bared. She closed her eyes with pleasure. Finally I slipped the harness on and buckled it in place.

She drained her martini, stood up from the chair and gestured towards the back of the couch. I went where she pointed, and bent over the back of it.  There was a soft blanket there for exactly that reason. It was one of her favorite spots to fuck me.

I'd been playing with a plug before she got home, getting myself ready for her. I knew how much stress she'd had at work, lately. Best to be ready for her, in case she wanted to fuck me. I handed her the lube as she walked up behind me.

This was about what she needed. So when she pushed inside me a little too fast, I took a deep breath and tried to relax. There was no foreplay, no easing into this. This was about her, not about me. She fucked me until a sheen of sweat appeared on her chest. She grabbed my hips and drove the toy inside me harder and harder.

Just when I thought she was done, she grabbed the back of my apron, slipping the bow apart. The ties of my apron became reins to pull me into her. Unexpectedly, she grabbed my hair and pulled me upright. She let go of the apron and it fluttered down to the floor. Still holding my hair at the back, she wrapped her other arm around my waist.

Now it was about me.

Again and again, she pushed inside me, fucking me until I came on the soft blanket. But she didn't stop then. She kept going, and fucked me through the whole thing one more time. And then again.

After the third one, she stopped and then slowly slipped her toy out of me. I gathered myself, and turned around, unbuckling the harness and taking it off of her.

I wrapped it in the soft blanket and set it on the ground, to take care of later. I opened my arms, and she came into them. I held her, her head against my chest, and felt the sweat on her skin. I kissed the top of her head. The scent of lasagna was in the air.

"Dinner?" My words were spoken softly into her hair.


There were nights like these, when I was so thankful that her job was as stressful as it was. I knew better than to say that out loud.


©Ruby Ryder





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