Day 6 Orgasm 8
If I had a laptop, I'd be looking at porn like this.

So far, Masturbation May has been rife with dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. You are getting the full-on Ruby fantasy land. I think part of the reason this is happening, is because Mr. Hot Body matches my desires so well in those areas. So my reins have come off a little more...I am allowing you to see more deeply inside the workings of my fantasy mind.

Last night's fantasy, however, was different. No complicated bondage or beatings...


I had arranged a surprise for my longtime partner, to help him to explore his bi-curiosity. We'd been talking about it for months. That night we were out on the town, had eaten a light dinner and had some drinks. What he didn't know was that I had someone waiting back at our house. Not just someone, a guy that I knew he thought was totally sexy. It was all prearranged, the guy was chosen with care.

When we walked in and my partner realized what was going on, everything hung in the balance for a moment. Then he turned and smiled at me with gratitude.

There was a lot of kissing between the two of them which was unbearably hot. But the moment that pushed me over the edge was when he sank to his knees, and I grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pushed him gently toward the man's cock, watching him take a cock into his mouth for the very first time.

And then the fun began.


Fucking hot, indeed.


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