Day 7 Orgasm 9

"I think I'd be a better person, a happier person, if I could get fucked every day…"

His words take me by surprise, but they definitely thrill me. My mind goes crazy, imagining all sorts of scenarios. I've never been with a man that I could fuck every single day. Contemplating that is delightful.

We wake up in the morning, he brings me coffee in bed. We drink our coffee, staying cozy and chatting, connecting before the start of our day. When both of our cups are empty, he brings me the harness. I put it on, bend him over the side of the bed and fuck him soundly. It is one more way we connect every morning.


He's working hard on something, doesn't matter what. But he's stressed. He comes and finds me in the house, holding the strap-on out to me with big pleading eyes. Getting fucked is the ultimate de-stresser for him. Sometimes, I fuck him quick, and he goes right back to his project. Just a quickie, as they say. Other times, it marks the beginning of extended sexy times between us, and his work is temporarily abandoned.


He walks in the door from work, and I'm waiting for him, ready to fuck him. At work he's in charge all day, so sometimes it's hard for him to let go of everything the moment he walks in the door. But he's always glad when he does. It takes the edge off, softens him, opens him up figuratively as well as literally.

Or even…

Having friends over for dinner is one of our favorite things. We purposefully make sure everything else is ready before we start cooking, and we always cook something that needs at least 20 minutes of oven time. I take him back into the bedroom, put on the harness and lay back on the bed. I get to be the Pillow Princess, while he rides me to his satisfaction for 15 minutes, and then takes a five-minute shower before our guests arrive.

Imagining all these things got me pretty fucking hot. I think it was because all these scenarios gave me a feeling of ownership over his ass. All mine to play with, fuck, and spank. Hell, yes.



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