Podcast #105


Pegging Paradise Podcast #105

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❤ Recap of the "he's afraid his friends will call him gay" letter
❤ Recap of the "That's guy code for unmanly" letter
❤ He suggests saying, not Liberace gay - Viking gay!
❤ He explains more about why it is the worst of all insults
❤ This man tells of his journey, his shame, his guilt, and overcoming it
❤ ⇑⇑⇑Pegging Celebration Time⇑⇑⇑
❤ Vulnerability, Shame and Brené Brown
❤ What's the perfect comeback?
❤ He says letting down the macho guard is not attractive to many ladies.
❤ Let's keep the conversation going!!


Brené Brown - Listening to Shame
Brené Brown - The Power of Vulnerability
Reassurance for the Ass Men
The Truth About Strapless Strap-ons


4 Responses

  1. Something I was curious about was if you have ever done a blog based solely on mens solo play. I have seen your reviews for prostate toys but that being said yes they feel great butt like many other men out there I myself enjoy the insertion and penetration of a nice dildo. I have incredible orgasms playing with a dildo butt am looking for an upgrade. I thoroughly enjoy feeling the dildo slide in and out and I like around 7 inches and 1.5 inched wide. I can feel any ridges and they do amazing work down there for me. Anyways I was curious if you would share your thoughts on solo play dildos like suction cup toys or toys that are easy to grab ahold of and pound ourselves to ecstacy for those times my wife is not wanting to play. If you have any info please share I would love to read. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the site I enjoy checking in and reading and learning.

  2. Ruby,

    I very much enjoyed your podcast, as when I found your site, which is unique in so many ways from others, and all in better ways, I wasn’t sure what I’d find.

    You’re a tremendously insightful woman, and I’m humbled that you’d include my letter. I was really excited to tell someone, which is how I found you. Funny though, when writing, as I started to tell the story, I started to experience the shame from years past all over again. Fortunately, I had a natural out with my OHHH so happy ending :-), but the point I’m offering is that shame is a very powerful emotion and it doesn’t wipe away easy. I only hope some of your listeners/fans gained something from my experience, as it’s never spoken nor written until I posted here and it was an interesting walk back through all of those years.

    As for me and my bride, I’ll tell you one thing for sure, it’s so much more comfortable in bed with my wife now, so much that it’s hard to explain. To your comment, no, it’s wasn’t the last, and fortunately doesn’t seem to have an end. We are graduating, as we bought me a Revo Stealth, and it’s an amazing piece of equipment, of that there is no doubt. I got her a really nice Lelo and she’s LOVING that as much as I am the Stealth. It’s still new and kind of clumsy as we are figuring out when is this ok,? When should I just run with it? Are there times I shouldn’t and how do I know? These new learning experiences have been surprisingly fun because we’re learning to talk about it, and that’s been so good for our marriage and intimacy.

    Anyway, thank you, and please keep doing the work you’re doing, because it matters and I’m grateful I found you when I did, and even more so when I heard my letter and your thoughts on it. You seem to have well captured what I wrote, I could not have read it better myself.

    I’ll be listening and truly, thank you again. 🙂

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