9am on Thanksgiving morning. Soon I will be on the road, heading to my sister's house to be with family. So off the top of my (cock) head, here is what I am grateful for...

I am grateful for my sister, who is one of my best friends and who helped me come up with the name "Ruby Ryder" sitting around one afternoon sharing a bottle of wine. I'm glad we chose to be in this life together.

I have so much love and appreciation for my amazing daughter, who has reached the age where she is teaching me things, now.

I'm grateful that I have a choice whether to interact with the crazier parts of my family and that I chose the more peaceful path, not to.

I am grateful for the soft furry cat that is winding itself around my legs as I type.

I'm so happy with the new cutie dog we adopted from the Humane Society. She's kicked up the level of excitement and gleefulness in our household significantly with her endless enthusiasm.

I am grateful for such a beautiful place to live where I can see the stars at night and be as kinky as I want to be without wondering if the neighbors can hear.

Oh - here's a good one. My true family of sex educator colleagues and sex-positive friends are my sustenance on a daily basis. You all help to remind me daily what is real and what is important.

I'm grateful to Tantus, Sportsheets, Liberator, SpareParts, Lelo, Aneros, Sliquid, Njoy and others I am forgetting, for your dedication to making quality products that help us all explore sexual pleasure!

I'm grateful for Tiffany Yelverton and the various hats we wear together. She is my friend, my cheerleader and my business partner.

I'm grateful that I am still able to backpack at 58 years old! Did a 3 day trip in September.

I am grateful to the Freakonomics podcast about exercise. Interval training has transformed my elliptical experience at the gym!

I'm quite grateful to the men who have allowed me to play with them and take them places they have never been. My riding crop also thanks you.

I'm happy to report that my "coming out" is progressing nicely. I may eventually be the hot topic of the valley where I live...and that will be perfectly okay with me.

You men. men. I'm so proud of all you guys who have found the courage to pursue your desires, even if it is just with yourself at this point. I'm proud of you for deciding that sex-negative taboo shame shit will not rule your actions, your search for pleasure will. Thank you for making the scary decision to open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Thank you for deciding you will be who you are, sexually, and not who society tells you to be!

You women! ((hugs)) You women impress me with your willingness to explore with your partners, take that pegging learning curve and eventually be the boss of it. Thank you for taking that step into unknown sexual territory with your partner to see what you could find. Thank you for not reinforcing the shame and judgement around pegging, and for taking exquisite care of the men who allow you to fuck them.  Thank you for strapping on your cocks and joining me in changing the world, one ass at a time!

I'm quite grateful to the men that have come and gone in my personal life this year. You are amazing guys and I can see that my choices in men are finally getting better (fist pump). I definitely enjoyed my time with you all.

I am very grateful for you listeners and readers who have chosen to support my work by purchasing your toys through I know that you can buy your toys elsewhere for less, so I take it as a quite a compliment that what I offer here at Pegging Paradise inspired your support. Many thanks!

So now I'm going to disconnect from social media and just be with my family today. May your holiday be filled with love, smiles, sexiness and relaxation. And perhaps some pegging, if you can fit it in there. If you can't, remember to use a smaller dildo and lots of foreplay! 😉

Lots of Love,



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  1. Your the one who deserves thanks for providing information and support on an intimate topic, the likes of which is not availiable anywhere else. Thank you ruby. Happy holidays!

    1. LOL – When Dan Savage held the contest to find a word that differentiated heterosexual strap-on sex from lesbian strap-on sex, the winning entry – pegging – was announced with an apology to his Aunt Peggy!

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