New Prostate Toys!!


Lelo came out with some pretty phenomenal new prostate toys not too long ago...

You want a toy to use solo as well as with a partner? You like vibrations? You want the best?

Lelo makes it. No question about that. All these toys are rechargeable, waterproof and 100% silicone.  Lelo quality is incredible.

So for the New Year, celebrate your prostate!

The Hugo

The Bruno

The Loki

What more could your prostate want?

Happy New Year!


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  1. Hi Ruby,

    I found your Podcast about 4 weeks ago , I can say I have found them quite interesting and have been able to catch up to your current one you just put out. 🙂
    I got into anal play in my teenage years reading adult magazine which talked about the experience. So i began experimenting with different things to achieve this pleasure they spoke of. After the teenage years it wasn’t till I got married that i experienced it again. She began with rubbing the taint then the next time she inserted a finger or two. Then we advance to a dildo a small one at first then a larger one shape like a penis, we would plan these occasion out as she like for me to wear her panties as this really turned her on. One she was turned on it was tremendous fun as she would ravish me with her dick, she was able to do missionary position quite well as she is shorter then I, then she would turn me over and take me doggie style but her favorite position was me to ride her so she could run my cock between her breast and make me cum all over them then we would share the spoils of our adventure. We bot have moved on and i have remarried the new wife has done it once. She believe she will hurt me because of the size of the dildo i typically use. She has done some anal fingering, sometimes I do i feel shes into it by the way we play around outside the bedroom by her sneaking up behind me and thrusting herself on me like she using a strap-on, but when i bring it up later when we can act on it she doesn’t seems into anymore. Any suggestion would help. I do travel alot for work. I thought of getting professional help to satisfy this need every now and then. But choose not too. Love the site and I subscribe to your Podcast, can’t wait till the next podcast don’t keep us waiting.

  2. I love that I can put it in, then put my underwear back on, get dressed, and go somewhere. In public! The little remote control allows me to change the settings, turn it on and off, all while fully dressed. Tight underwear is a must to help hold it in. I take some Claritin Allergy + Sinus first – which does two things: first, it makes me impotent [soft and tiny] for 12 or so hours, and second, it stimulates my prostate and enhances my prostate orgasms. That way, with Hugo there are no erections to worry about in public. Hugo gives a nice, aggressive stimulation – not as good for prostate milking as an njoy pure wand – but then, the njoy pure wand is the ultimate milking tool.

    1. This is the first I have heard about the Claritin allergy medication – fascinating! There is a certain thrill in wearing things in or on your body in public without anyone knowing. Going to read this on podcast #132. Thanks for the information/review!

  3. This particular kind of Claritin contains [at least in Canada] pseudoephedrine.

    Quite a few years ago I had discovered the effects of pseudoephedrine quite by accident. I had a bad cold, and I was taking a Tylenol decongestant product that had Tylenol, DM, pseudoephedrine etc. I took it as directed for three days, again as directed. About one day into taking it, I started feeling a lot better and I attempted to masturbate, but could not get hard. But I ended up having an orgasm and ejaculation anyway, and it was far more intense then normal. After the three days were up, I stopped taking the meds. It was over a week before I could get hard.

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