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Bear Man

Teaser: Jackson's submissive side is awakened by a story on a kinky dating site. But he can't find a partner to explore with. All the women he attracts just want to be ravished. Jackson's bored with ravishing. So he goes to a BDSM munch and meets...Ruby. She helps him with his boredom!
4000 words
beginner, D/s, BDSM, pillow princess, female dominance, munch, predicament bondage, orgasm control

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  1. Dear Ruby,

    I messaged recently about the LDPR (yes the P is for Pegging) Missy and I are having. First of all I’d like to thank you for sharing our story – in a truly extraordinary year, having you play the music for us was an absolute highlight.
    It was a surprise to read this story and to see you wrote about something Missy and I are currently exploring. As a part of our relationship I realised that I wanted to show my commitment and love for Missy by asking her to be in total control of my orgasms.

    Missy was happy to explore this with me. It’s led me to read into how to define this dynamic. I recognise that at this point I don’t see it as chastity. The number of very specific descriptors has me quite confused. It’s more a declaration of my love and education combined with submission. “Erotic sexual denial” seems to be the most accurate description I’ve found.

    You should know that from my point of view the combination of following specific, and detailed, commands and the need to refrain from the relief of climax…. well it’s a heady and potent mix. To please my lover by both obeying and being denied what I crave is exquisite.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the story and more importantly to say I have my UK fingers’ crossed for you that when The Guy From Chicago lands that the kinky/love/lust/happiness stars align for you.

    And of course this was all actually meant for your post “As you wish”…. apologies.

    1. I do love orgasm control –

      To please my lover by both obeying and being denied what I crave is exquisite.

      And being pleased in that manner is something I really, really enjoy.

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