Podcast #124

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Pegging Paradise Podcast #124

❤ She's normally submissive during sex but not when she has her cock on!
❤ He's sad his wife won't have another go at it. 18 months since the first time. 🙁
❤ Closet Wannabe peggee listens to podcast #112 and plans to search for a partner!
❤ He wants advice on bad toys. I tell him they are bad.
❤ He's frustrated. No progress towards pegging despite a good beginning.
❤ He can't imagine having a relationship without pegging and submission being an integral part of it, and tells us the story of how he got there.
❤ Ass play is going spectacularly. Equipment questions for the big day.
❤ He's in Egypt and is sad because there is no way to buy sex toys so he and his wife cannot explore pegging.
❤ He doesn't think porn ruins pegging
❤ He relates an experience that left him feeling dirty - in a good way
❤ She's so sad. No sex. No pegging. Get thee to a sex-positive therapist!
❤ He wonders how to broach subject with girlfriend?

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